We accept the following payment methods: VISA, MASTERCARD, PAYPAL, VISA DEBIT


Do you accept Visa Debit or Visa Gift Cards?

Yes, we accept both Visa Debit and Visa Gift Cards.


I paid with a Visa Debit/Visa Gift Card and my order was canceled, why did you take my money and when do I get it back?

The amount authorized at the time of purchase is deducted immediately from the account holder’s account, and it may take 7-15 business days for the cancellation to show up on your Visa Gift card record and for the funds to be credited to your card and available for use. Check the balance on your card, either online or by phone, to see when your cancelled purchase transaction has been processed. Refer to the back of your card for the web site address/phone number of the financial institution that issued your card. If you are not seeing a credit take place, please contact the issuing financial institution for further investigation.


Why was my Visa Debit or Visa Gift Card declined?

We, like some internet merchants, use fraud protection software that may decline a Visa Gift Card or Visa Debit purchase transaction.